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              Create high-end home appliance brand texture design

              In new concepts, new technologies, new processes, under the support of the product into the concept of life aesthetics, when placed in a specific life scene, the product carries art force will emanate the osmosis, bring life in which people artistic enjoyment and spiritual satisfaction.
              , it seems to Liu Renbo, deputy secretary-general of China electronic chamber of commerce in the market is very mature and products under the condition of high homogeneity, appearance design incentive for upgrading of fashion and personality, the new way of making differentiation breakthrough. He also stressed that bold breakthrough in appearance design of high-end home appliance, new things, is not simple, eye-catching, cross-border integration of technology and art, high-end home appliances not only let people get upgrade on use function, and more of a psychological enjoyment, but also play a beautification household, satisfy the need of aesthetic senses, is the direct embodiment of the additional value of the products.
              Art for the brand, is a kind of "affordable feelings", when consumer pursuit of consumption rises to the spirit, we for electrical appliances product design, there is a big imagination space in it.

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