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              Corporate culture

              Mission: To manufacture high-level kitchen appliance and make healthy food.

              Guiding principle

              Core value is obedience, execution, responsibility and teamwork.
              Main thought is to improve efficiency and lower cost.
              Make sure of safe production, stable quality and on-time delivery.
              Ensure quick response, in-time action, fast achievement and perfect performance
              Five managements
              1. To people, measure the time management.
              2. To machine, automation instead of manual work.
              3. To material, use all sources properly.
              4. To policy, the more one does, the more he should get paid.
              5.To environment, try to save energy and be eco-friendly.

              Quality declaration

              Control the quality well and satisfy customers. Quality is the life of company. Everybody has the responsibility to make qualified product.
              Work policy: normalization, standardization and automation
              Work spirit: love the job, be honest, improve oneself, and make innovations
              Work style: move with the times and be unafraid to take responsibility.
              Work principle: Be unafraid to take responsibility quickly, surely and accurately.
                                          Analysis problems calmly by seeing, smelling and asking.
                                          Learn and innovate continuously.
              Professional ethics:  keeping secret, being dedicated and incorruptible, diligence and frugality, obeying the rules, being grateful

              Strive for excellence, Win-win cooperation, Creating value

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